3rd Quarter 2001
Episodes 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 257, 258

Episode #251: Hell To Pay
First Broadcast: 7/2/01
We start the Third Quarter 2001 much the same way we started the Second Quarter 2000: complaining about Manhattan Neighborhood Network's treatment of our program. Why didn't they show Episode #250 like they were supposed to, even though we submitted it on time, and there were no physical defects to the cassette that we know of? I don't know, and I've given MNN ample time to explain themselves, but it has amounted to nothing. In the 14 days since they neglected to show our episode, MNN has not responded to my inquiry in any way, shape, or form. I'm very close to making good on my threat to notify their Board of Directors about all the ridiculous problems MNN has caused regarding our program. I've only held off for so long because I really hate having to force people to do what they're supposed to do on their own. But, when you've had to deal with as much crap as I have, there comes a point when you can't idly stand by any longer.

Episode #252: TV Exposure
First Broadcast: 7/9/01 Transmission began 15 seconds early.
This time, we reach into the vaults and pull out a rant we recorded on February 24, 2000. Among other things, we touch on the bride and groom from that "Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire?" program, alternatives to marriage, and assorted television shows. Oh, and also puppets. And dragons. It's a lot for a half hour, trust me.

Episode #253: Trade Über Alles
First Broadcast: 7/23/01 Episode started at about 20 seconds past 2:00 AM, with the volume about 5 db below normal.
Referring to the philosphy of the World Trade Organization, a merciless, undemocratic group of capitalists which must be stopped at all costs. Sound too dramatic? The various national and international groups protesting global corporate apartheid over the past two years never killed anyone during their demonstrations. The defenders of corporate-dominated globalization however have now claimed their first life. Read the news! And watch your back! (You never know where an illegitimate government may turn up...)

Episode #254: Twice In The Head
First Broadcast: 7/30/01
Referring to the man in Genoa, Italy, who was killed by police during the protests of the G-8 Summit there two weeks ago. That and the recent streak of go-it-alone decisions made by the counterfeit regime in Washington dominate our discussions in this episode. And I barely got a chance to mention the subway!

Episode #255: Why Was This Movie Made?
First Broadcast: 8/6/01 Program began at 1:59 AM.
I don't just mean Tim Burton's remake of Planet of the Apes (which can't hold a candle to the original, by the way), but so many other movies as well, like Tomb Raider, Kiss of the Dragon, Jurassic Park III, and especially A.I., the worst piece of crap I've seen on a big screen in a long time. I mean, Rush Hour 2 was fun (it's hard for me to dislike a Jackie Chan film), but why can't more movies be like Ghost World? And less like Emma's War? A lot, lot less!

Episode #256: Excessive Heat Advisory
First Broadcast: 8/13/01 Episode began at 1:59:30 AM, cutting off our opening animation and our "Free New York" title, with the volume about 5 db below normal.
I don't even remember what I talked about, except that it was very hot outside when we were taping. Did I mention that the U.S. is a rogue state?

Episode #257: Action Pose
First Broadcast: 8/27/01
On 8/27/01, we had the one of the latest episode starts to date. There was no transmission at all until 2:04 AM, when the screen turned completely black. At 2:05 AM, our full color bars and countdown were shown, finally followed by the start of our episode at 2:06 AM, a full six minutes late. In addition, our webcast was shown on the "Ch. 57" choice on MNN's website, instead of "Ch. 67" where it should be--the same mistake which MNN made last week, which apparently no one bothered to correct in the interim. Nice going, MNN.
Yes, this is where I talk about that Tyrannosaurus Rex at the American Museum of Natural History; the mayoral candidate whose name the media dare not mention; and how worried I am about the fate of the United States as long as that jerk is still in the White House. P.S.: Here's one of those scary creation websites I was talking about.

Episode #258: I Answered Every Question
First Broadcast: 9/3/01 Episode began at about 45 seconds past 2:00 AM with our countdown at 3 seconds. As a result, when MNN cut off our transmission at precisely 2:29 AM (for a change), they also cut off part of our end credits. Of course there was no program following us this morning, but when did MNN ever let that stop them from causing problems with our program?
Repeated: 5/27/02 (DV)
This week, we feature an exclusive interview between intrepid reporter Connie Bear, and Representative Dragon Condit, concerning the mysterious disappearance of one of his interns. Can you say parody? (That question's more for the lawyers. I knew you could say it.)

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