2nd Quarter 2001
Episodes 243, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249, 250.

Episode #243: That Wascally Parrot Tells Me I Should Invest
First Broadcast: 4/2/01 Episode started at 2:01 AM.
The inherent unfairness of the stock market, via Jack Stiles; and my fatigue of combatting the machinations of the current White House occupant. A fun way to start the quarter.

Episode #244: Hamster Power
First Broadcast: 4/9/01 Episode started at 1:59 AM.
Where we talk about TV themes, and thank TDK for the terrible tape stock we bought from them.

Episode #245: OneTwoThreeFour!
First Broadcast: 4/23/01 Episode began at 1:59 AM.
A Salute to the late Joey Ramone of the Ramones, including some reminiscing of the time I saw him campaign for Jerry Brown back in 1992. Ah, those were the days!

Episode #246: Criminal, Craven, Insane
First Broadcast: 4/30/01 Episode started at least two minutes early (since it was already on when I changed the channel at 1:58 AM), and was also at least two minutes in progress when I tuned in, so I have no idea if any of the opening credits were shown or not; but they definitely were not shown at 2:00 AM when they should have been. Program ended at 2:26:10 AM, which means it probably began at 1:57:10 AM, almost three minutes before it was supposed to start.
The NYPD's exonoration of the four officers who murdered Amadou Diallo occupies our thoughts this week. Other than that, what else is new?

Episode #247: 15 Years To Life
First Broadcast: 5/7/01 Program began with the countdown at "5", but the countdown was in sync with real time, so the program content started at 2:00 AM like it was supposed to, bizarrely enough.
WNBC-TV's coverage of one man's extreme drug-related prison sentence in Russia deflects attention away from the thousands of people who have received extreme drug-related prison sentences here in New York since 1973, the year the Rockefeller Drug Laws went into effect. Oh, why does it have be up to me to point this type of thing out?

Episode #248: Unrepentant
First Broadcast: 5/21/01 Opening animation cut off by MNN.
The first of a two-part series covering a fundraiser by the Green Party of New York State at the Angel Orensanz Center in lower Manhattan on May 16, 2001. Featured in this part: The singer Dogbowl, artist Tom Tomorrow, and former talk-show host Phil Donahue (who really hasn't been around for 211 years, we assure you). Tune in to Episode #249, when Ralph Nader makes his appearance.

Episode #249: The People Have The Power
First Broadcast: 5/28/01 Repeated: 5/6/02 (DV) Episode began at 2:01:30 AM.
The second of a two-part series covering a fundraiser by the Green Party of New York State at the Angel Orensanz Center in lower Manhattan on May 16, 2001 (The first part was in Episode #248). This week, Ralph Nader speaks his mind, followed by legendary singer Patti Smith. Green Party candidate for Mayor, George Spitz, gets a mention in Nader's speech also.

Episode #250: A Relaxed Distance
First Attempted Broadcast: 6/18/01 Program not shown! A program named "Speak Up" was shown instead! No explanation given by MNN as of June 23, 2001, when the tape was returned to me, completely unmarked. No response from MNN via telephone, email, or letter either. No response whatsoever. Maybe a letter to their Board Of Directors will get their attention. More details to come.
First Successful Broadcast: 7/16/01 No problems this time, and still no explanation why MNN didn't broadcast it four weeks before.
Referring this week to... oh, I forget. DVD's take up most of the discussion this week, specifically those which have not been released yet. Oh, and if anyone out there has a copy of The Phantom Edit, could you make a copy for me too, please? I want to see what the deal is with it!

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