2nd Quarter 2000
Episodes 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215.

Episode #208: "Where We Stand Today"
First Broadcast: 4/10/00 Repeated: 6/25/01 Opening animation cut off.
Once again, I can't help but rant against Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Yes, they provide the very air (or should I say cable space?) for this program; yes, they provide an important forum for alternative viewpoints; and yes, I much prefer life with MNN than without it. But when they so frequently fail at their basic mission (which is, of course, to show the programs), like they did with our program last quarter, then what else can I do but go off on it on my own program? I tried complaining to MNN; I even wrote a letter to the head of the whole organization. The result? Nothing. A few emails and nothing else. No explanation for why our program wasn't aired at all twice last quarter and once already this quarter. No explanation for the several times our program started either too late or too early. No explanation for the programs which were cut off before the end. No explanation for why one episode was returned with the case sealed with masking tape and the words "damaged tape" written on it. Nothing! Not even the pretense of a reason! I have repeatedly contacted MNN many times in many ways, asking-- begging for some kind of response. Anything! Please! All I want is to be informed! But no, nothing. They can't be bothered. I haven't gotten one single answer from them as to why things happened the way they did last quarter, so the only conclusion I can make is that they just don't care. Our show to them is probably now an inconvenience more than anything else. Too bad. If they ever give me some explanations for why things have been so screwed up, then I'll be satisfied. Until then, I must unfortunately hold the opinion that ... (sigh) ... MNN sucks.

Episode #209: "Do You Want Chocolate?"
First Broadcast: 4/17/00 Episode started several minutes past the beginning, ran for a few seconds, then was replaced by a MNN graphic which lasted for a minute before episode was finally started at the beginning.
Dr Pepper, MNN problems (like the problem which happened with tonight's broadcast), and Elian Gonzalez transfixed us this week. When will people learn, I ask you? Learn what? you ask me. Oh, who knows, I say in return. Who knows indeed.

Episode #210: "Must You Kill Me With Your Mind?"
First Broadcast: 4/24/00 Episode started late; i.e., all of our opening animation and all our opening credits were cut off--AGAIN. When the episode was returned to us, we examined it and found that no tone had been added by MNN before the program, and a few frames of silence had been inserted in our audio tracks in the beginning of our program.
Repeated: 10/30/00 This time, after I explained the problems that occurred in April, the episode began on time at the correct point, showing all our opening animation and opening credits--and the point at the beginning where the tone was incorrectly placed last time.
Repeated: 4/16/01 Episode began at 1:59:30 AM and ended at 2:28:30 AM.
28-Minute Reformat: 5/5/03 (DV) Episode began at 2:01 AM
Repeated: 10/13/03
Attempted Repeat: 12/13/04 Episode did not air; MNN's transmission on Channel 67 was video "snow" (i.e., total lack of signal), and MNN's web transmission did not connect.
Repeated: 6/20/05 Transmission began at 2:00:49 AM and ended at 2:27:59 AM, cutting off approximately 50 seconds from the end of our program, including all of our end credits.
Repeated: 1/2/06 Transmission began a few seconds after 2:00 AM with program in progress, cutting off our "Free New York" title.
Repeated: 3/17/08 "Free New York" title cut off.
Repeated: 12/15/08; 4/27/09
Attempted Repeat: 3/21/11 Episode did not air. MNN repeated our episode #567 instead.
Repeated: 4/18/11; 11/21/16; 9/28/20

The original description of this episode read like this:

"Ah, Tim Leary would have been proud of this episode. Or at least his friends might have enjoyed it."

Those old links no longer work the way they used to. So, enjoy these new links about Tim Leary and his friends instead!

Episode #211: "Gauntlet Of Rats"
First Broadcast: 5/8/00 Episode started late (all of our opening animation and all our opening credits were cut off-- YET AGAIN.
Where we talk about MTV (when they used to play videos), rats, and economic injustice--you know, the usual.

Episode #212: "Two Enemies He Can't Arrest"
First Broadcast: 5/22/00
Referring of course to Rudolph Giuliani's spouse (Donna Hanover) and his prostate cancer, two factors which probably played no small role in his decision to drop out of the 2000 race for Senator from New York. Also discussed: the U.S. Army survival manual--which is not for the squeamish.

Episode #213: "No Alternative"
First Broadcast: 5/29/00 Episode started late at 2:02 AM, cutting off our opening animation (which is only 9 seconds long, by the way).
Which comes from "There Is No Alternative" or "TINA", the flippant answer given to anyone who suggests that the present economic system in the U.S. and Europe--i.e., capitalism--is inherently unfair and needs to be replaced by a system (not neccessarily communism--or at least not the system used by the Soviets or mainland China) in which the disparity of wealth among citizens and nations is at least not as great as it is now. This, as well as typical election-year madness, occupies us in the great Metropolis of ours.

Episode #214: "Stuck In That Coal Mine"
First Broadcast: 6/5/00 Episode started late at 2:02 AM, cutting off our opening animation for the 8th time since the beginning of the year, and cutting off our "Free New York" title for the fifth time since the beginning of the year.
Where, among other things, we discuss The Ramones, their movie Rock 'n' Roll High School, and P.J. Soles, whose name I completely forgot during the program. Oh, did I mention that VH1 censored "Teenage Lobotomy" to get rid of all references to DDT for the movie's broadcast? Well, now you know.

Episode #215: "Choice Is A Good Thing"
First Broadcast: 6/12/00 Episode started 2 minutes late at 2:02 AM, cutting off some of our opening animation.
Whether it's a choice to give Bill Gates your money or not, or a choice between politics as usual and politics which might make a difference, or a different kind of choice altogether, having the choice to make is usually is a good thing. Whether or not people make good choices is another question entirely.

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