2nd Quarter 2024
Episode 984, 985, 986

Episode #984: Speaking of Space
First Broadcast: 3/25/24
This week, we're fascinated by news articles about a company that, for the low, low price of only $500 thousand, will send you up in a high-tech balloon to the very upper edge of the Earth's atmosphere, so that you and five other suckers passengers who have also dropped a half-million bucks each for their tickets can have the privilege of eating a meal around 19 miles above sea level, or, as Eater put it, "a fine dining experience in space." The food in this expensive dinner will be provided by Rasmus Munk, a two-Michelin-starred chef who might be best known among some foodies as the creator of a dish named "Tongue Kiss," where edible flowers (among other ingredients) are intended to be licked off an artificial tongue. Now, if eating "aerogel-inspired food" with five other well-heeled capitalists strangers in a capsule floating three times the height of Mount Everest above the Earth is your idea of a good time, then knock yourself out and go for it. However, if you can think of better ways to spend an amount of money that could buy you a small home in some parts of the country (maybe liberating Coyote vs. Acme from its corporate prison would be money better spent?), then perhaps your space tourism can wait another day. (There are cheaper ways to get to the edge of space, after all!) I mean, you don't have to spend your day playing games on LinkedIn to have fun, but surely there's something in between that and a dinner in space that can provide some entertainment! What would the Martians think?

Episode #985: The Cosmic Odometer
First Broadcast: 4/8/24
Getting ready for the eclipse on April 8, 2024? You might still have time to get some eclipse glasses from your local branch of the New York Public Library! Don't worry! The eclipse is not going to destroy the world, no matter what some idiots on the internet might say! I mean, the Jupiter Effect and the year 2012 have long since passed by, and the world's still here! And this is nothing like the Y2K bug, which was prevented from being a cataclysmic event by teams of people working together! Remember that? Working together? Enjoy your astronomic event while you can! And if you're watching this after the above eclipse took place, don't feel bad! There's always another one coming up someday! P.S.: Watch out for those voice clones and self-driving cars!

Episode #986: Because Physics
First Broadcast: 4/15/24
Did you see the eclipse on April 8th? Did you feel the earthquake on April 5th? Are you smart enough to know that eclipses and earthquakes aren't "signs to tell us to repent," despite what a certain Republican politician might think? Are you making plans for future eclipses? Can animals detect future earthquakes? Why did New York City's alerts about the earthquake go out so late? Has the Emergency Broadcast System ever helped anyone? What caused that false alert about incoming missiles in Hawaii in 2018? Are you a member of the reality-based community? Is anyone associated with a certain ex-President capabable of acknowledging reality? Will those people ever admit that he lost the 2020 election? How many of those people will destroy their lives for that man before he finally admits defeat? I'll have more questions next week, I'm sure.

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