2nd Quarter 1994
Episodes 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Episode #10: Tree Frogs Don't Count.
First Broadcast: 4/11/94 Repeated: 7/22/96
Where we are entertained and enlightened by a painting lesson by the anti-Bob Ross.

Episode #11: Fuck Generation X
First Broadcast: 4/18/94 Repeated: 7/18/94
First of a three-part discussion centering on Kurt Cobain's death.

Episode #12: I Got Him Confused With Dio
First Broadcast: 4/25/94 Repeated: 10/17/94
Bach . . . Dio . . . It's a long story. Second of a three-part discussion centering on Kurt Cobain's death.

Episode #13: I'm Their Pompous Asshole Friend
First Broadcast: 5/2/94 Repeated: 4/10/95
Hi, Aaron! Third of a three-part discussion centering on Kurt Cobain's death.

Episode #14: Watergate Kinda Sucked (a.k.a. Ding Dong Nixon's Dead)
First Broadcast: 5/9/94 Repeated: 8/8/94, 9/21/98
10th Anniversary 28-minute re-edit (DV): 6/14/04 End credits cut off early at 2:27:40 AM.
Our summary of the death of ex-President Richard Nixon, who--as far as I'm concerned, didn't die soon enough. Between Watergate, the bombing of Cambodia, and the continuation of COINTELPRO, I don't know which part of his Presidency disgusts me the most.

Episode #15: Only A Pothead Would Forget His Own 800 Number
First Broadcast: 5/23/94 Repeated: 2/27/95
Attempted Repeat: 4/15/96 -- A crease was put into our tape by MNN and the show was cut off a few minutes into the broadcast. Strangely enough, the engineer on duty wrote that there was no trouble with the episode in his log, even though the "please stand by" sign was shown twice on the air before the program was finally aborted. Hmm . . . Anyway, this was a look at one of the many pot festivals that take place in Washington Square Park every year. Maybe it can still be salvaged. . .

Episode #16: I Gotta Go Get Beer
First Broadcast: 6/6/94 Repeated: 10/3/94, 12/1/97, 11/15/99
Memorial Day, 1994, in Tompkins Square Park, where we run into our favorite editor of The Shadow, and a member of the Black Panther Party.

Episode #17: Who The Hell Is Rudolph Giuliani?
First Broadcast: 6/13/94 Repeated: 3/4/96, 3/16/97, 7/13/98, 3/22/99
In which we read people some quotes made by the aforementioned mayor, and get some surprising (and some not-so-surprising) reactions.

Episode #18: There's Different Kinds of Janes and Dicks.
First Broadcast: 6/27/94
Where we meet the voluminous Lewis Thompson, who expounds on quite a few issues for us.

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