4th Quarter 1994
Episodes 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35

Episode #28: I Generally Don't Believe in Killing People
First Broadcast: 10/10/94 Repeated: 1/16/95
More opinions on the Invasion of Haiti, including the rather startling one which ended up as our title.

Episode #29: More Uneventful Than The Squirrels?
First Broadcast: 10/24/94
Do you like Go? Then you might like this episode. If not, let's hope you like heavy metal . . .

Episode #30: I Don't Remember--Period.
First Broadcast: 10/31/94 Repeated: 5/29/95, 10/30/95
A reminder of some of the many criminal acts committed during the Iran-Contra mess, with some audio-visual accompaniments that suit the Halloween holiday.

Episode #31: For No Good Reason
First attempted broadcast: 11/7/94 -- opening credits were cut off. First successful broadcast: 11/14/94
More Go, for those who wondered how the game in Episode #29 ended.

Episode #32: Contract On America
First Broadcast: 11/21/94 Repeated: 2/6/95
Just as an aside, I don't remember anyone else using the phrase "Contract On America" until after this episode was broadcast. Coincidence or collective unconscious? You tell me.

Episode #33: One Big Happy Irradiated Family
First attempted broadcast: 12/5/94 -- Show did not begin until 2:17am and was cut off at 2:30am. Second attempted broadcast: 12/12/94 -- end credits were cut off.
A rant about GATT--the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade--and why it won't improve things in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Episode #34: Jeane Dixon's Predictions
First Broadcast: 12/19/94
Where I make the startling prediction that the new long-sleeve, dark, navy-blue, SWAT-like uniforms the NYPD will get in late 1995 will inevitably cause the police to act especially aggressive in the hot summer of 1996--just like L.A. cops when it gets hot in California. (OK, my predicted police riot hasn't happened yet, but you tell me: are cops shooting people in New York in greater or fewer numbers since the uniform change? I don't know the answer, but the news sure makes it seem that way . . .)

Episode #35: You Ain't Nothin' But A Reindeer
First Broadcast: 12/26/94
Our first Christmas episode. Or our first attempt at one, anyway.

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