3rd Quarter 1994
Episodes 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

Episode #19: Just because you're the director doesn't mean you know everything
First broadcast: 7/4/94
Lewis Thompson continues to tell us quite a lot of things about . . . well . . . a lot.

Episode #20: I Think George Lucas is Kinda Lazy
First broadcast: 7/11/94 Repeated: 7/10/95, 11/25/96
Where we ask people on the street about television, and many of them talk about O.J. Simpson's "slow-speed" chase through Los Angeles.

Episode #21: I'm A Normal Pervert, Not A Freaky Pervert.
First broadcast: 7/25/94
A visit with some of our cast of characters and a discussion on Star Trek.

Episode #22: You know that New York is a prison from which escape is impossible?
First broadcast: 8/1/94 Repeated: 11/28/94
The visit from Episode #21 continues.

Episode #23: All Squirrel, All The Time
First attempted broadcast: 8/15/94 -- Opening credits cut off. First successful broadcast: 8/16/94 (special repeat outside normal timeslot) Repeated: 8/22/94, 9/8/97, 9/17/01
On 9/17/01, MNN showed our program on Channel 57 instead of Channel 67. I called MNN at 2:03 AM and explained the problem to the security guard who answered, who told me he'd transfer the call to Master Control, but he instead put me on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up and tried again. No one answered the phone after that. Instead, the voicemail directed me to an extension for an employee I've never heard of (and who isn't listed on MNN's web page) whose mailbox was full anyway, and then a recorded voice told me to hold while my call was transferred, then told me my call could not be transferred and to call back later. I gave up at about 2:25 AM. The episode ended at 2:29 AM, but our end animation was cut off. Normally I'd be very irate about this, but considering the circumstances which occurred earlier in the week, I'm going to give MNN a break about the screw-up this time.
Yes, it's true. A full 29 minutes dedicated to squirrels, squirrels, and more squirrels (and the occasional pigeon) who live and play in and around Union Square Park in Manhattan.

Episode #24: I'm No Spring Chicken Anymore
First broadcast: 8/29/94 Repeated: 1/2/95, 7/3/95, 4/14/97, 9/13/99
Our look at the Green Market in Union Square Park, featuring, among many others, the dairy farmers who make Ronnybrook milk in Ancramdale, New York. No bovine growth hormones in that milk either, I might add.

Episode #25: Bad Haircut Army
First broadcast: 9/5/94 Repeated: 11/17/97
Yours truly questions various people on the street about the U.S. invasion of Haiti. The results . . . well, the results make me wonder, to say the least. Cuba also came up a few times. Strange how the more things change, the more things stay the same.

Episode #26: Send Money Mom
First broadcast: 9/12/94 Repeated: 4/3/95, 8/31/98
An inquiry into people's opinions on the best and worst things in New York City. You could probably find some more info here too if you're interested.

Episode #27: We Come In Peace
First broadcast: 9/19/94 Repeated: 4/5/99
A reply to President Clinton's "Why We Should Invade Haiti" speech of 9/15/94. Needless to say, he didn't convince me at all. By the way, the area codes at the end should be for 202, not 212. (It's my New York-centricism showing through.)

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