3rd Quarter 2000
Episodes 216, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225.

Episode #216: "So This Is Summer"
First Broadcast: 7/3/00
Kim takes the helm this week, bringing us the wonder of nature in the outdoors--or as outdoors as you can get in the immediate area anyway. Kind of a suburban safari, if you will. That's my disembodied voice you're hearing at those odd intervals, by the way.

Episode #217: "Mister Law & Order Man"
First Broadcast: 7/10/00 Last 40 seconds cut off by MNN.
Referring, of course, to the current occupant of the mayor's office, who apparently had a relative in the joint for a while. And, of course, the mayor says his dead relative's criminal record is no one's business, unlike the records of people whom the mayor turns into his political enemies, that is. Anyway, maybe people will read an upcoming book or two about the mayor and gain some insight into what makes this weirdo tick. I can't be the only one who wonders, after all.

Episode #218: "First Come, First Serve"
First Broadcast: 7/17/00 Episode started 5 1/2 minutes late (around 2:05:30 AM), starting several minutes into the episode (9 minutes in is my guess) and cutting off all our beginning credits; and episode ended 4 minutes early (at 2:25 AM).
Con Ed, air conditioning, the Ziegfeld, the subway, and a host of other assorted topics make an appearance in this relatively summer-oriented episode. P.S.: The X-Men movie didn't suck!

Episode #219: "I'm Sorry, Canada"
First Broadcast: 7/24/00 Episode began at 2:01 AM, cutting off most of our opening animation.
Sorry for not being to name a single film that ever came out of Canada, that is. I don't mean a film that was just shot in Canada--hell, most movies these days could qualify if that was the only criteria. No, I mean a film that was produced, shot, and edited in Canada, made by Canadians, for Canadians, and starring Canadians. What qualifies? Strange Brew? Brain Candy? You see? I had the same problem. There's plenty of Canadian comedians, and a few well-known Canadian bands, but movies? You got me. Maybe the IMDB can straighten this all out.

Episode #220: "I'm Going To Bad Mouth You"
First Broadcast: 8/7/00 Episode started 2:30 minutes into the program, cutting off all our opening animation, all our opening credits, and our introduction to the program. As a result, the program also ended too early, thirty seconds past 2:26 AM. WAY TO GO, MNN!
A critique of George W. Bush's acceptance speech at this year's Republican National Convention, as only Free New York could do it: "live," and with an extremely large grain of salt.

Episode #221: "They Can't Wash Your Feet"
First Broadcast: 8/14/00 Opening animation and "Free New York" title cut off by MNN.
The heckling of George W. Bush continues from where we left off in Episode #220, with some facts about Texas thrown in for good measure.

Episode #222: "Well That Sounds Nice, But..."
First Broadcast: 8/21/00 Even though the episode started roughly on time (about 30 seconds past 2:00 A.M.), all of our opening animation, credits, and titles were cut off by MNN. THANKS!
The critique of Al Gore begins, with this "live" commentary on his speech from the Democratic National Convention. Or, maybe you'd prefer to read about Ralph Nader for a while, or even someone else.

Episode #223: "Death To The Opposition"
First Broadcast: 8/28/00 Opening animation cut off, but otherwise one of the smoothest starts to date.
Yes, it's a quote from a Deep Space Nine episode, but it seems to be an apt summary of what George W. Bush says he learned from the Vietnam War--which isn't much better than what Al Gore says he learned from it. If you asked me, neither of them learned the real lesson: the United States should never again inflict its military might on another country for its own political and economic gains in the future. But will anyone remember Vietnam once Colombia explodes? I wonder...

Episode #224: "Black Hat White Hat"
First Broadcast: 9/4/00 Episode started in progress, with all our opening animation and opening credits cut off.
The title reflecting the way many Americans seem to view things: in either black or white, right or wrong, Democrat or Republican, while ignoring the many gray areas in between, presenting a distorted view of reality which doesn't really exist... oh, you know the deal. While you're here, you might also want to contact Janet Brown, the head of the Commission on Presidential Debates, and tell her to let Ralph Nader debate with all the other candidates! Her email is info@debates.org and her telephone number is (202) 872-1020. While you're at it, read Derailing Democracy by David McGowan, and get your blood boiling--works better than coffee. Oh, one more thing: Rage Against The Machine rocks!

Episode #225: "You Leave Buffy Out Of This"
First Broadcast: 9/18/00 Episode started about 15 seconds before 2:00 AM, and looked like it started at the right point, beginning with our opening animation, but it was then interrupted with MNN's musical bumper for a few seconds before returning to the "Free New York" title and continuing from there.
In which I, fueled by caffeine, discuss Ralph Nader, the weather, disgusting internet sites, Yugoslavia, Loompanics, Friends, Wen Ho Lee, the prison-industrial complex, and it all ties together . . . somehow.

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