1st Quarter 1999
Episodes 168, 169, 170, 171, 172, 173, 174, 175

Note: The first week of the First Quarter 1999 was the last week of the last month of 1998, which includes the program broadcast on 12/28/98-- Episode #106, a rerun from the First Quarter 1997. Go figure.

Episode #168: "I Can't Go Into That Right Now"
First Broadcast: 1/4/99
I suppose an alternate name for this episode could be "The Strange Case of Episode 103," or "The Molehill That Turned Into A Mountain." The synopsis of the events leading to the latest and so far most bizarre crisis in the rocky relationship between Free New York and Manhattan Neighborhood Network can be found right here. Have a good laugh.

Episode #169: "Materially Misleading"
First Broadcast: 1/18/99
A project of Kim's in which she compares the Senate's Impeachment Trial of President Clinton with . . . well . . . geese. And why not? Can you think of a better one? Happy Martin Luther King Day, by the way.

Episode #170: "Completely Unrelated To Being Naked"
First Broadcast: 1/25/99
A combination of a little public access and video history, along with my problems with NBC's "The 60's" mini-series.

Episode #171: "Ester of Wood Rosin"
First Broadcast: 2/1/99 Episode started during program; Beginning credits and episode title cut off.
Attempted Repeat: 1/31/00 Episode started late (at 2:01 AM); Episode was cued too early ("TONE HERE" message was shown); MNN's cue tone was heard at the beginning of the program, during our episode title.
A discussion about the familiar topic of Bill Gates's wealth, and the not-so familiar topic of ads during the Super Bowl. Good thing that Apple ad with Hal didn't suck as much as the Falcons.

Episode #172: "Shoot To Stop"
First Broadcast: 2/15/99 TBC hits from MNN affected program throughout its duration.
Attempted Repeat: 2/28/00 Program not shown at all by MNN, which is a real shame, because I couldn't think of a more relevant episode under the circumstances. I can't wait to hear what their excuse is this time.
This episode is about the execution of Guinean immigrant Amadou Diallo, by 4 New York Police Officers who fired 41 bullets at an unarmed man at point blank range. Only 19 bullets hit the man, but that was more than enough to kill him. His crime? Being Black in front of White Cops, it seems. All that was found on him was his wallet and his beeper. Let's hope these killer cops get tried and sentenced quickly, or else this city's gonna look just like Los Angeles did in 1992. Remember that?

Episode #173: "Not In The Shower"
First Broadcast: 2/22/99 Opening animation and main title cut off.
A veritable potpourri of topics fly by us this week, including Hillary Clinton's possible Senate run here, Traci Lords' porn career, and U.S. military presence around the world. Never a dull moment, is there? Wait, don't answer that.

Episode #174: "Badgering and Beating"
First Broadcast: 3/1/99
More discussions about Amadou Diallo, and a similar case reported by the New York Post, of all places.

Episode #175: "I'll Vote For Run"
Run of Run-D.M.C., that is. He'd probably do a better job than our current mayor anyway. Oh, and that cover for The New Yorker by Art Spiegelman was cool, too.

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