4th Quarter 1996
Episodes 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103

Episode #95: That's The Ticket
First Broadcast: 9/30/96. Repeated: 10/16/00 Show started on time, but was audio only for the first minute and thirty seconds; the video was one of MNN's still graphics. Then there was just the graphic and silence until 4 and a half minutes past the hour, when that was replaced by MNN's program schedule and live radio from WBAI-FM. It remained that way for the rest of the time-slot. Just when I thought things had gotten better...
Free New York's official endorsement of Ralph Nader for President in 1996. You can also check out Campaign '96 On-Line if you want to see some of the other candidates who are running. (Or at least you could have seen them, four years ago. Instead, why not see what the 2000 Ralph Nader campaign looks like?)

Episode #96: 100 Trillion Neurons
First Broadcast: 10/21/96
An intriguing juxtaposition of the various viewpoints of some of the more notable candidates for President this year, including--you guessed it--Ralph Nader. It's all in their own words, folks. You be the judge of who comes out ahead . . . or a head.

Episode #97: I Voted For A Dead Guy
First Broadcast: 10/28/96
More random thoughts on the various inane things going on in our fair city.

Episode #98: Almost As Sleepy
First Broadcast: 11/4/96
A commentary on the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, a once-in-a lifetime glimpse of Kim on camera, and an example of what can happen when I tape at 2 in the morning without enough Dr. Pepper in my system. Kim also recommends this costume link for those of you who want to get a jump-start on next year's outfit...

Episode #99: Vice-Presidential Harem
First Broadcast: 11/11/96
The post-game wrap-up of the 1996 Elections, Presidential and otherwise. The results were about as expected, but after Clinton, Dole, and Perot, Ralph Nader came in 4th, gaining more votes than any other non-millionaire, minor-party candidate. Not bad, if you ask me. And now, on to 2000, or something . . .

Episode #100: We Could Go Into Syndication
First Broadcast: 12/2/96. Repeated: 5/18/98, 12/13/99, 12/11/00
On the 12/11/00 repeat, the program started at about 10 seconds past the hour, and the episode began already in progress--that is, all our opening animation, our "Free New York" title, and our episode title were cut off AGAIN, despite the fact that no problems occurred the three other times this episode was broadcast. The episode also ended about half a minute early (about half past 2:28 AM), and our volume was also mysteriously lowered about 4 or 5 db at 2:06 AM, remaining that way for the duration of the program. THANKS AGAIN, MNN!
Yes, finally, after almost three long, grueling years, we finally reached our 100th episode. And, as our treat to you, our faithful viewer (who knows? maybe there's more than one of you), we present to you the sources of every single one of our episode titles--from the first episode way back in the bleak, cold days of January, 1994, to our centennial in the bleak, cold days of December, 1996. Where do we go from here? Why, to Episode #200, of course! See you in 1999!

Episode #101: 4 Measures Or Less
First Broadcast: 12/9/96
Somehow, the discussion turned to postmodernism, and how it applied to sampling in music. As a result, we also discussed some of bands that I like, which include the Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and the Beatles, (who have just too many links on the web) among others. Maybe not the most exciting episode to watch, but it certainly provided more links than usual.

Episode #102: Why Should I Buy A Newspaper?
First Broadcast: 12/16/96
This week, I dissected an article in the December 8, 1996, New York Times, which concluded-- erroneously, I think--that computers really hadn't contributed that much to the world at large, compared to, say, the electric light bulb. Strangely enough, the article also never mentioned the word "internet"! How the hell can you debate the impact computers have had on the world without even mentioning the internet? Crap, I say; and if you're reading this on the web, then I hope you agree. I also mentioned some web sites that provide less ridiculous information, such as Cures Not Wars, High Times (all right, maybe only slightly less ridiculous), Working Assets, and Amnesty International. This rant gets continued in Episode 104, if you must know.

Episode #103: A Chance To Be Reborn
First Broadcast: 12/23/96 Repeated: 12/22/97
Attempted Repeat: 12/21/98 (See this synopsis of events for the full story behind that particular repeat.)
Yes, finally, our third, and what we consider our best attempt at a Christmas episode to date. Unfortunately, Manhattan Neighborhood Network didn't clean the damn heads of their tape deck before they showed our program, so it looked like absolute hell during the first five minutes (and other assorted parts) of the broadcast!!! SIGH. Oh well. ANYWAY, don't get us wrong: we here at Free New York aren't big on all the "Christian" aspects of the holiday--it was a pagan holiday (Yule) in the beginning, after all. But we do like the festival parts-- decorating the tree (not cutting down the tree--that would be a waste; artificial trees are good enough for us), gift-giving, Santa Claus, peace on earth--all that nice stuff. We hope you enjoy watching these holiday images as much as we enjoyed taping them. For those of you who want to know a little more about the winter holidays, we've included these links to Yule, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa. Enjoy!

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