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Episode #968: That Looks Cool
First Broadcast: 9/18/23
Repeated: 9/25/23
Is Blue Beetle one of the best DC superhero films ever made, or at least the best film of the DCEU era? I would argue that it is, largely due to its not completely resembling any previous film from either Marvel or DC (perhaps the character's origins outside of both of those publishing houses contributes to that), giving it an independent feeling that seems liberated from any shackles that might be imposed by needing to stay within certain guidelines already established by other films of the genre. That's not to say there aren't identifiable influences from other films--I counted touches that appeared to be from Iron Man, Spider-Man, and all three original Star Wars films, for example--but to me this film treated those influences as fun nods to other films, as opposed to sources from which to crib or clone material outright. Perhaps that's why I join the critics and audiences who give this film a high rating, even if others have a diametically opposed opinion. Are negative reactions like that the reason why Blue Beetle's box office is smaller than other movies of its type, or is that due to the lack of promotion due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes? Will the new heads of DC Studios will take any lessons from this film, since it's technically for a universe that no longer exists? Will the writers and actors get what they're fighting for? Let's all hope for some good answers for all the above--"fax, no printer!"

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