Free New York now has a few videos on YouTube, so now you can finally see what our program is like, without having to live in Manhattan to watch it!

Visit our YouTube channel here:

Or, if you prefer, watch all our available videos individually on this very page:

Episode #427 "Goodbye CBGB" can be watched in its (almost) entirety below, in 3 parts. Simply click on the part you want to watch, press the big "play" button, and let YouTube do the rest.

Our "Now You Know" spot (a.k.a. "In The News"), which was also featured in Episode #364:

The trailer for our Counter Convention documentary:

If you want to party like it's 2004 and download videos the old-fashioned way, we have some Quicktime movies below:

From Episode #364:
Click here for the "Bush Lies" video (2.6 MB).

View our Counter Convention trailer here:
High Quality (6.0 MB)
Low Quality (2.5 MB)

These videos were made to be viewed with QuickTime, which you can download for free here.

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