4th Quarter 1999
Episodes 192, 193, 194, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199.

Note: My old computer crashed for good during this quarter, so I ended up neglecting the web site for, oh, the entire quarter as a result. Now that I have a brand new machine (which is behaving, unlike the last one), the updates should be as frequent as they were before. But, for now, this will have to do. Summaries and links will be coming eventually--maybe not before the end of the Millenium (or, if you're a purist, maybe well before the end of it), but before the end of time as we know it. How about that?

Episode #192: "Real Sticky"
First Broadcast: 9/27/99

Episode #193: I Can't Believe Our Mayor Is So Stupid!
First Broadcast: 10/4/99

Episode #194: It's Still Here
First Broadcast: 10/18/99

Episode #195: Arrest The First Person You See
First Broadcast: 11/1/99

Episode #196: The Rest Of The State Thinks We Suck
First Broadcast: 11/8/99

Episode #197: I Understand Taking Over Manhattan
First Broadcast: 11/22/99

Episode #198: I Don't Get It
First Broadcast: 11/29/99

Episode #199: Merry Christmas, How You Been?
First Broadcast: 12/20/99
Repeated as 28 minute reformat: 12/24/01 (DV) Opening animation cut off.
Alternate 28 minute reformat repeat: 12/23/02 (DV)
Funny thing: when this was repeated in 2001, it was as our first program of the First Quarter 2002, even though there's going to be at least one more program after this during the last week of 2001. One of these days MNN will have to change its calendar in some sort of Pope Gregory-type shift and reduce one of their quarters by a week, or something, if they're ever going to even things out. This program is the result of one of our expeditions of years past, when we videotaped the streets of Manhattan with an older camera that didn't pick up the light as well at night as our camera does now. But I think it still has a certain amount of charm, if for no other reason than showing the darkened corners of the city in a quasi-lonely setting that, I believe, aptly represents how many people in the city feel this year. Who knows? Maybe we'll put together another one before the year is out.

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