4th Quarter 1998
Episodes 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 167

Episode #160: 500 Channels Of Crap
First Broadcast: 10/5/98. Repeated: 10/12/98
Which is probably what Al Gore's "information superhighway" would have ended up being if nobody had discovered the fact that The Internet already existed. Oh, by the way: if you're a sick passenger aboard a subway train: forget about getting an ambulance to drag your sorry ass to a hospital in anything resembling a reasonable amount of time, since I was on a train this past week where just such a thing happened and no less than 20 minutes elapsed before some NYFD paramedics showed up on the scene to help out this poor collapsed bastard in a suit. TWENTY MINUTES! Did you know the human body can bleed to death in three minutes or less? Fuckin' train. Good thing I didn't have to go anywhere important like WORK or anything--ha-ha. Guess they just put another train on the other track without opening it up or sending it anywhere just so they could remind us passengers that we really had no business expecting trains to go places in the first place now, did we? I wonder what would have happened if I didn't have one of those unlimited passes? You think they would have reimbursed me for the $1.50 I paid them for not taking me anywhere if I had bothered to speak up about it? You think any of those conductors on a train know what the hell to do if any life-threatening emergency happens? Damned if I know, but if this past incident is any indication, then we're in deep shit, folks.

Episode #161: Rudy Giuliani: Pet Killer
First Broadcast: 10/19/98.
The title this time is based on an article in (shudder) The New York Press ("Best Indication That Rudy Giuliani's A Vicious Swine: Killing the Pets at 172 Stanton St.": NYPress Best Of Manhattan, Manhattan Living, Sept. 23-29, 1998, p. 34), one of the many things I touch on in yet another eclectic episode. Other topics include the New York Public Library (specifically, the new business branch), The Post Office, and the many candidates running for governor here (though I'll save the rest of that discussion for another episode).

Episode #162: Temas Electorales
First Broadcast: 10/26/98.
Referring to the questions which may or may not be on the ballot in the upcoming election here in New York City. Not to mention the lack of candidates in this year's guide, a few memories of Penn Station, the LIRR, and other nonsense.

Episode #163: A Whole Bunch Of Others
First Broadcast: 11/2/98.
If you vote for the Marijuana Reform Party on Tuesday, that's great. If you vote for the Green Party (even though they tried to throw the Marijuana Reform Party off the ballot earlier in the year), that's not so bad. Even if you vote Socialist, it's not the worst thing in the world. Just as long as you vote so that you're part of the solution instead of the problem.

Episode #164: Third Place
First Broadcast: 11/9/98.
Which is where the Marijuana Reform Party candidate ended up in the Senate race for New York State--but you'd never know it if you watched election coverage around here. At least the New York Times had the decency to give the party their own abbreviation ("MRP"), as opposed to the "Oth." (for "Other") the Times had used in the past--and at the very start of election coverage this past Tuesday. Of course, that didn't stop other sites like ABC.com from just listing them as "Ind" for "Independent"-- as if changing the label would change the fact that people actually belong to and voted for a party that had "marijuana" in its name! Hell, CNN didn't list any minor party candidates at all--as if they didn't even exist! Not to mention the way Al Lewis was ridiculed at almost every turn for his candidacy for Governor. Sheesh, if Jesse Ventura was a member of the Green Party, everyone would be laughing out of the other sides of their mouths now, wouldn't they?

Episode #165: All The Trailers You Can Eat
First Broadcast: 11/23/98.
Referring to the trailer for the new Star Wars movie due out in 1999. Also discussed: the latest effort by the US to bomb Iraq, and other stuff.

Episode #166: Low Uranium Content
First Broadcast: 12/7/98.
Where I compare the apparent bias of a Reuters news article with a more enlightening article from The Nation re: depleted uranium ammunition used in the Gulf War. Oh, and Drew Barrymore and David Letterman got a mention also.

Episode #167: Twist, Santa, Twist
First Broadcast: 12/14/98.
Yet another salute to the Christmas season, featuring a whole bunch of Christmas clip-art, and a bunch of Christmas tunes. What else do you want? It gets busy for us during the holidays.

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