4th Quarter 1997
Episodes 128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135.

Episode #128: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
First Broadcast: 10/6/97
A rant covering many things, including my opinions on the now-defunct Micromax corporation (i.e., the people who sold me my now-defunct 486 computer), and various reports from the New York Post and Fox News on the alleged "Cyber Psycho," a 15-year old kid who raped and killed an 11-year-old neighbor, in addition to having a web site like a few million other people on AOL. I guess anyone with a web site is a psycho, right? Hmm. Maybe all of you are the wrong people to ask...

Episode #129: Are We In Part 2 Yet?
First Broadcast: 10/13/97
The continuation of last week's rant, which branches out into yet one more reason why Rudy Giuliani should not be the mayor of New York City for another 4 years. (For those of you not in the know, Rudy wants to spend $80 million to stop marijuana sales in Washington Square Park, of all places. Great. Hippies have always been the city's biggest drug problem, right? Jeez!) Can't we ever have someone elected who has a reasonable marijuana policy??? (Besides Thomas K. Leighton, the Marijuana-Green candidate for Manhattan Borough President, that is. Here's a questionnaire he answered when he ran for Congress in 1996 on Ralph Nader's ticket.)

Episode #130: Live And In Person
First Broadcast: 10/27/97
Hey! My computer works again! So, of course, I had to talk about
the Justice Department's lawsuit against Microsoft. Is Bill Gates the Devil? You decide.

Episode #131: Don't Vote For Rudy Giuliani
First Broadcast: 11/3/97
Aside from the straightforward plea in the title, tonight's episode concerns itself with
the recent stock market plunge, the incredible wealth of Bill Gates, and the child labor practices of Nike in factories in China. So, who should you vote for mayor of New York? Someone ELSE!

Episode #132: OTH.
First Broadcast: 11/10/97
The title this week refers to the
New York Times's designation of "Marijuana- Green" candidate (I'm not sure if he was affiliated with any of the "regular" Green parties this year) for Manhattan Borough President, Thomas K. Leighton, whose party designation was simply called "Oth." (meaning "other") by the paper of record. NY1 news was even worse with their returns, reporting only on the Democratic and Republican candidates for that office, even though at least six people were on the ballot. Why do candidates who aren't Democrat or Republican always get next to no attention by the press (unless they happen to be billionaires spending tons of their own money--and not even always when that occurs)? I guess more people have a financial stake in keeping the "two-party" system afloat than I previously thought. (Then again, I can see why some people might be more hesitant to report about the surprising number of Nazi-like parties in this country, which you can see for yourself in this all-encompassing list--which includes just about every American party you can shake a stick at.)

Episode #133: Hey Bob
First Broadcast: 11/24/97
Once again, I tackle the issue of how
Iraq and Saddam Hussein are referred to by "the mainstream media" --which is: in a belittling and condescending fashion, just because Iraq is the U.S. government's enemy-of-the-moment. Why is it always "Clinton & Saddam," as opposed to "Bill & Saddam," or "Clinton & Hussein"? Go ask the Associated Press.

Episode #134: Eats The Cup
First Broadcast: 12/8/97
This time, I extol the virtues of
Cane Sugar Dr Pepper, in between thoughts about irradiated beef, Marvel Comics flashbacks (including The Hulk), and--of course-- styrofoam. It's a wonder I ever got back to the topic at all . . .

Episode #135: 30-Second Squoosh
First Broadcast: 12/15/97 Repeated: 11/30/98
This week was mostly a discussion of
movies and movie trailers, and how most of the trailers lately sacrifice the surprise of watching a story unfold for the first time for the sake of squeezing every last drop of screen time out of whichever multi-million dollar star happens to dominate the film in question. That, and how much Alien Resurrection sucked (at least, in my opinion).

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