4th Quarter 2000
Episodes 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231, 232, 233

Episode #226: Completely Separate From Major Brands
First Broadcast: 10/2/00
Talking about shows we've outlasted, Manufacturing Consent, and the incredible amount of outdoor advertising cluttering the streets of lower Manhattan.

Episode #227: Both Of You Shut Up!
First Broadcast: 10/9/00
My commentary on the first of three debates between Al Gore and George W. Bush, the Republicrat candidates for President this year. As usual, Ralph Nader was ignored, but that may change.

Episode #228: Super Rally
First Broadcast: 10/23/00
Reflecting the name for Ralph Nader's mass rallies across the nation in these last few weeks before the 2000 Presidential election. Oh yes, and the now incredibly-rare Subway Series phenomenon returns to New York. Am I rooting for anyone? Well, maybe...

Episode #229: I'm Not Taking Votes Away From Anybody
First Broadcast: 11/6/00
Referring, of course, to the tired argument that a vote for Ralph Nader is somehow taking votes away from Al Gore and giving them to George W. Bush--which is untrue. A vote for Nader is a vote for Nader, period. No one's vote can be absolutely assumed ahead of time; no one's vote is a "given." If people complain that Gore isn't getting enough votes from people assumed to be in his camp, then they have no one to blame but Gore himself. As long as Ralph Nader and people like him run for office then I will keep voting for them. If I ever cast a vote for someone whom I don't respect, and whose platform I cannot endorse, then that will truly be a wasted vote.

Episode #230: Grinding Halt
First Broadcast: 11/13/00 Program did not begin until 2:07 AM, and still cut off our opening animation and "Free New York" title. Program ran until it finished at 2:35:47 AM.
Which is where the 2000 Presidential election seems to have ended up, thanks to the great state of Florida, the county of Palm Beach, and their wonderful world of weird ballots. Makes me feel pretty good about voting for Nader, actually. Whichever way this ends up, I hope this leads to the complete abolition of the electoral college, as well as the adoption of Instant Runoff Voting, along with many other reforms to modernize the whole election process.

Episode #231: The City Gets Totaled No Matter What
First Broadcast: 11/20/00 The episode started at 2:01 AM, and the episode started at "5" during the countdown, even though our tone sounded like it was in the right place (since it could be heard on the air during the countdown).
Referring, of course, to the battle between King Kong and Godzilla, or any number of titanic monster battles of the Japanese sci-fi films of yore, which I think is aptly analogous to the struggle of Bush vs. Gore being waged in the courts of Florida and elsewhere as this episode was taped. Either way, the country is going to get screwed, and my candidate already lost, so what the hell do I care at this point? (By the way, the Dantana Morse commercial is here if you're still looking for it. I couldn't find it on any of the sites where I thought I found it before, so how I ever found it in the first place is now a mystery.)

Episode #232: The Nation's Capital
First Broadcast: 11/27/00 Episode started at thirty seconds past the hour, three minutes into the program, cutting off all our opening animation, our main title, and our episode title--i.e., all our opening credits. Episode also ended two-and-a-half minutes early, at 2:26:30 AM.
Post- Thanksgiving madness ensues, as we discuss Internet domains, D.C. statehood, and probably a bunch other stuff I can't recall at the moment.

Episode #233: Thousands of Horny, Greased-Up Rats
First Broadcast: 12/4/00 Episode started about 5 seconds before 2:00 AM, but opening animation and "Free New York" title were still cut off. At 2:01 AM, the volume of the program was suddenly lowered by about 5 VU (just an estimate, since I don't have a meter in front of me) and remained that way for the duration. Episode also finished early (at about 2:28 and 40 seconds) by about the same amount which was cut off from the beginning.
Yeah, well, that says it all, doesn't it? Whether you're talking about the rat summit, or the guy in that scene from Dracula, rats are quite disgusting creatures if you ask me. Somehow though, the rest of the Internet doesn't seem to agree.

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