3rd Quarter 1999
Episodes 184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189, 190, 191.

Episode #184: "The Cheap Place To Go"
First Broadcast: 7/5/99
I guess that doesn't mean lofts in New York City, or anywhere in SoHo, or any apartment in Manhattan for that matter. But I talked about those things anyway. That and gentrification. And money for education. And the bible. And other stuff.

Episode #185: "Vatican II: The Sequel"
First Broadcast: 7/12/99
Mentioning the bible two weeks in a row? Yeah, it's odd, but stranger things have happened. And, by a strange coincidence, we found a verse that directly relates to a Beastie Boys song. Or, is it a conspiracy . . . ? P.S.: Here's that South Park review I was talking about. WARNING: CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS!

Episode #186: "Rub The Buddha"
First Broadcast: 7/19/99
Buddha was only a small part of the conversation this week. Mostly, me and Kim talked about Con Ed, and our illustrious mayor's efforts to sue them for the blackouts which happened in Washington Heights in the beginning of July.

Episode #187: "Breaking News"
First Broadcast: 8/2/99
A discussion about--among other things-- the obsessive nature of the media's treatment of John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s death, the China-Taiwan crisis which got eclipsed in the process, and the double-standards used to cover the brokerage murders in Atlanta versus the shootings in Littleton, Colorado.

Episode #188: "Skin Of A Drum"
First Broadcast: 8/9/99
This week, my opening remarks about Queen Elizabeth II were cut off (by us; you didn't miss anything) in favor of an expanded review of The Blair Witch Project, which I think is probably the best horror film ever made, right next to Psycho and closely followed by Night Of The Living Dead, though I never had trouble getting to sleep after seeing the Hitchcock and Romero movies. Blair Witch, on the other hand, continues to creep around in your head long after you've left the theater, with its images popping up at the most inopportune times--like late at night just as you're about to fall asleep in a pitch-black room and hear some strange noise coming from around the corner--or was it outside? Anyway, it was well-done, no matter what Amy Taubin says. Anyone who sees this movie as embodying an anti-female-filmmaker bias is--I think--projecting their own experience onto the text (as if that needs to be said, but I guess it does) and missing the point that the male and female characters in the movie all met their demise in an equally horriffic way. Death (or a fate beyond death?), in this case, did not discriminate.

Episode #189: "The Laws Of Nature Don't Exist"
First Broadcast: 8/16/99
Where this week we talk mostly about the recent decision by the Board of Education of Kansas to no longer advocate the teaching of Darwin's theory of Evolution in its schools, because they feel that sort of science conflicts with the beliefs of the local Christians there. Can you imagine if people from some other religion or some other country made a decision like that, or if some non-Christian group tried to do that in New York State? They'd be laughed out of town! Oh, but when Creationists do this, it's serious business. Is it any wonder that I'm not Christian?

Episode #190: "Murder or Dogslaughter?"
First Broadcast: 8/30/99
Are the recent incidents of cruelty towards 3 dogs by the N.Y.P.D. (2 dead, 1 with four teeth kicked in) merely signs of incompetence on the part of the police, or are they symptoms of a much greater contempt and homicidal attitudes towards people, as torturing animals is a sign of such attitudes in serial killers according to the F.B.I.? And if so, does this mean the police are hiring people without checking to see if these sort of traits already exist? Or does it mean the police are encouraging these traits to develop where they haven't existed before? I don't think there's a good answer here, no matter what it is.

Episode #191: "License To Kill"
First Broadcast: 9/6/99 Episode was started too early (at about 4 in the countdown, showing off our "tone here" message") and cut off our end credits. Repeated: 7/31/00
What does the rash of recent killings by cops say about the New York City Police Department? What does it say about their attitudes towards human life? What does it say about the Mayor? What does it say about the rest of the country? Be prepared.

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