3rd Quarter 1998
Episodes 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159.

Episode #152: Some Fixes, Some New Breaks
First Broadcast: 7/6/98.
Clinton, China, Tibet, Windows 98, and Linux. That's about all I remember. It kinda went all over the place.

Episode #153: It's A Hot Issue
First Broadcast: 7/20/98.
This episode was mostly a look at an article in the July 27/August 3 issue of The Nation, in which Christopher Hitchens alleges that the Dalai Lama favors nuclear testing, persecutes religious dissidents, and is against oral sex and anal sex, but not prostitution (unless someone else pays for it). Unfortunately, I can't find any substantiation for the first charge, I've read a different view on the second charge, and the latter charges seem to run counter to a table of comparative religions I found the same day. So who's right? Could be both for all I know.

Episode #154: Fountains, Hawks, and Snakes
First Broadcast: 7/27/98 -- Episode started 8 seconds too early (our countdown was shown starting with number 8, along with our "TONE HERE" message, which I guess was ignored).
Just a few of our ideas to improve the New York City Subway. Fountains to make it cooler, and hawks and snakes to hunt the rats. It's a little unorthodox, but then again so is everything else on our show.

Episode #155: Hello, Monica? This is Bill . . .
First Broadcast: 8/3/98
Yep, the whole
Monica Lewinsky thing has resurfaced once again. And even as we speak, the FBI is testing a navy blue dress of hers to see what exactly a certain stain on it is made of, and whose--if any-- DNA that stain may contain. Hmm . . . reminds me of a song, or something.

Episode #156: You Arkansas Devil, You . . .
First Broadcast: 8/17/98
Could be about what the President has to say about
that intern, could be about what our alleged mayor is doing to close up all our sex shops. Could be a lot of things, I suppose.

Episode #157: I'm Not Wearing Any Pants
First Broadcast: 8/24/98
In case you missed it, we showed you
the President's official statement that he did indeed have an "inappropriate" relationship with Miss Monica Lewinsky--which is probably the closest admission to a blowjob he'll make outside of a grand jury (Don't you love realvideo?). So, my question is, if he lied about this, what else has he lied about? Sort of a rhetorical question, since I haven't really trusted the man since June, 1993, when he decided to bomb Iraq just for the hell of it--to prove that he was really up to the task of being "Presidential," I suppose. And now he's bombed a few more countries just to prove that he's "tough on crime"--I mean, "terrorism," 'cause he has to bomb people to prove that using violence to get your way and frighten your enemies is a bad thing, right? And is it just a coincidence that this "sudden" bombing he ordered occured right after he said the country had to "move on" from all this sex news? Hm. Wag The Dog, anyone?

Episode #158: Screw Investor Confidence
First Broadcast: 9/7/98
A monologue mainly about
the economic crisis in Russia, and how it can probably best be stifled by making sure that country doesn't follow the destructive course the United States and various other money-hogs have laid out for it. Oh, did I mention I have no faith in the stock market either? Imagine that . . .

Episode #159: Beat Them With Their Own Clubs
First Broadcast: 9/14/98
Hmm. Am I talking more about the so-called
"million youth march" where the crowd was urged to beat the police with guardrails ("in self defense") if the police acted up? (Thanks for allowing that prophecy to be fulfilled, Rudy. Sheesh!) Or am I talking about all those sex clubs which used to exist in New York City before AIDS became so widespread? Could be both.

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