3rd Quarter 2024
Episode 992, 993, 994

Episode #992: Weird Popcorn Eaters
First Broadcast: 6/24/24
In an article titled Movies may soon use AI to change the story each time you rewatch by Joshua Hawkins on bgr.com, this question is posed to the reader:

What if each time you watched a movie, it played out differently? That’s the idea behind generative film, a new genre that some filmmakers are starting to experiment with. The idea is to use AI to mix up scenes and create completely different versions of the same movie each time it is played.

If you're anything like Camwerawoman Kim, your reaction to this might be "Fuck that," and then some. According to the article, only one movie fits this description so far: Eno, a "documentary" about Brian Eno that allegedly has 52 quintillion variations on how it can be seen. Is this a bona fide work of art, or just a souped-up version of "Nothing Forever," the neverending simulacrum of a Seinfeld episode in computer animation generated by A.I.? Does this represent writers' fears come to life, the hypothetical A.I. showrunner that creates custom episodes on demand and never needs to be paid? Couldn't all the time spent developing the code to come up with this stuff have been better used to LEARN HOW TO WRITE/DRAW/ACT/ETCETERA? Only time will tell, I guess; but how much time do we have left??

Episode #993: Hoarse Voice
First Broadcast: 7/8/24
Like many of you, we here at Free New Yorkalso watched the out-of-season debate between presumptive Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Joe Biden on June 27, 2024, and yeah, we had our complaints about it too. However, unlike so many people out there who seemed all too ready to "panic" over President Biden's performance--with even The New York Times calling for him to "leave the race" the very next day--we were much more concerned about the near constant stream of lies and delusions coming from Donald Trump's mouth, a far bigger issue than someone who more or less had his facts right while also having some trouble getting his words out. That, combined with the proposed second-Trump-term agenda of "Project 2025" (no matter how much Trump absurdly denies any knowledge of it), ought to motivate anyone who still favors democracy over dictatorship to, as Senator John Fetterman puts it, "chll the fuck out" and vote for Biden in November, instead of fantasizing about replacing him with someone else who might face an even more uphill battle than he does at the moment. I mean, you wouldn't want to take a chance that people like the ones who made it a law to display a version of the Ten Commandments in Louisiana public schools would get back into the White House, would you? People whose knowledge of Christian denominational conflicts and the religious motivations of this country's founders are so shallow that they forgot why the Constitution doesn't mention god or have a religious test for office in the first place? No, me neither. Maybe people will calm down by the time the nominations are set? And maybe it'll snow in Southtown...

Episode #994: Real Life Doesn't Always Make Sense
First Broadcast: 7/22/24
We recorded this episode only one day after the assassination attempt on Donald Trump on July 13, 2024, and about all we knew at the time was that Trump survived with minor injuries, and that the alleged shooter was dead, having been shot & killed by the Secret Service after the attempt. We didn't know what exactly was going to happen at the Republican National Convention that following week, and we sure didn't know who exactly was going to be Trump's Vice Presidential nominee, so there was only so much we could discuss that would remain timely. Since the alleged shooter used an AR-15 type rifle to commit his crime, I think this is yet one more reason why these types of weapons should be banned nationwide, but you'll probably never hear today's Republicans advocating for that, even after the head of their party was nearly killed by someone using one of them. On top of that, even though the alleged shooter was a registered Republican who shot at a Republican candidate at a Republican rally full of an audience of Republicans, somehow Republicans are trying to blame all this on Democrats--which is absurd, especially considering that Trump and his supporters have been way more bloodthirsty talking about their opponents than today's Democrats have ever been, so in that sense it shouldn't surprise them that some of the hate they've been promoting is now turning itself on them. Then again, logic has never been Trump supporters' strong suit. Why can't more people be like the late Dr. Ruth, one of the most empathetic people who ever lived? Listen to one of her old radio shows to hear what we've lost! I hope we don't lose anything else in the meantime!

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