2nd Quarter 1999
Episodes 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 183.

Episode #176: "Excuse For Not Getting Arrested"
First Broadcast: 3/29/99
Yes, the topics at hand are the daily arrests of the hundreds of protestors at One Police Plaza, the impending indictments of the 4 New York Police Officers who killed Amadou Diallo, and some remarks I overheard of what people who don't even live here think of the whole thing.

Episode #177: "Please Don't Drink That"
First Broadcast: 4/12/99
A jumbled bunch of topics, including Coca-Cola, among other things.

Episode #178: "10 People And A Dog"
First Broadcast: 4/26/99 Repeated: 3/26/01 Episode began at 1:59 AM.
A combination of subjects, including phone prefixes when they still had words in them, and the demonization of goths in the wake of the shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado.

Episode #179: "Trail Of Donuts"
First Broadcast: 5/3/99
Dracula, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Speed, Keanu Reeves, Krispy Kreme, and local squatters represent some of the things discussed in this week's program.

Episode #180: "50,000 People Do Whatever They Want"
First Broadcast: 5/17/99 Repeated: 10/11/99, 5/1/00 (MNN graphic was on screen for 1 minute before Episode began; opening animation was cut off), 6/4/01 (Episode started on time, but opening animation was cut off, and "Free New York" title was only on screen for a second at the beginning, instead of the several seconds it should have been on), 3/18/02 (Episode started on time at 2:00 AM at first; after 1 minute the episode was rewound to color bars where it reamined for several seconds; then the episode was fast forwarded to our countdown at "9" where it remained for several more seconds; then the episode was played from that point forward, starting over again from the beginning at around 2:02 AM. At 2:29 AM, MNN cut from the episode in progress to black; black remained on the screen from that point on, which means only 27 minutes of our program was shown, which means that all our end credits were cut off. Transmission also had dropouts in picture throughout which were not originally present in program.) (DV)
Firsthand coverage of the Million Marijuana March in Manhattan on May 1, 1999, featuring Dana Beal among many others. The march was part of a worldwide effort to legalize marijuana use and hemp production, in case you didn't know.

Episode #181: "Sit Down! Sit Down!"
First Broadcast: 5/24/99
Our experience with the premiere of Star Wars, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace; and our advocation to stop the war in Kosovo, specifically the bombings by NATO (read: the U.S.) which don't seem to be helping out anyone, least of all the refugees from that area.

Episode #182: "At Last We Can Reveal Our Pants To The Jedi"
First Broadcast: 5/31/99
Attempted Repeat: 2/14/00 Not Shown! Some program named "Books That Matter" was shown instead.
Repeated: 3/27/00 Episode started about 5 to 6 minutes after the beginning (neither the opening animation nor the opening credits were shown), and finished 5 to 6 minutes early (at 2:23 or 2:24 AM, depending on your clock); 5/13/02 (DV), Episode began at 2:01:30 AM
The round table returns, at long last, and we discuss some assorted thoughts about the (then) newest Star Wars movie, among other things.

Episode #183: "Ares And Callisto Walking Down The Street"
First Broadcast: 6/14/99
Just one of the many things I saw recently when I was thinking about how The Matrix and The Replacement Killers both sucked compared to The Black Mask--which itself was nothing compared to either Rumble In The Bronx or Supercop.

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