2nd Quarter 1997
Episodes 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119

Episode #112: Forced To Repress
First Broadcast: 4/7/97.
In which I discuss the Heaven's Gate cult suicide, and the idea that the cult's leader, Marshall Applewhite, constructed his fantasy world of a superior "higher," "genderless" level of existence as a result of his not being allowed to accept his own homosexual orientation--an idea which I have not seen anywhere else in the press, outside of The Nation. Turns out I didn't even see the Nation article until after this episode was edited together; I guess great minds think alike. By the way, State Senator Joe Bruno is still a complete asshole for vowing to let all rent control laws expire in New York State on June 15, regardless of the fact that a landlord's study said that rents would increase as much as 50% in some neighborhoods under deregulation! Who the fuck does this old, rich, white, male jerk who doesn't even live in the city think he is, threatening to destabilize the lives of every single renter in the five boroughs at the drop of a hat?!? Mail this bastard and tell him he's going to have 8 million people ready to run him out of the state if his plan goes through. Grumble, grumble . . .

Episode #113: From Second Generation Tapes
First Broadcast: 4/28/97.
No, we're not referring to how we edit our show (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), but instead I'm talking about Jimi Hendrix. And I have to tell you: one listen to the newest re-releases of his albums Are You Experienced?, Axis: Bold As Love, and Electric Ladyland (as well as the latest compilation of material which probably would have ended up on his fourth album, First Rays Of The New Rising Sun), and the only thing I can say is that the people who remastered those same albums for compact disk for MCA 4 years ago ought to be shot for doing such a shitty job. There is absolutely no comparison between the old CD's and the new ones. The new ones are so much better that it's like comparing a 3-D, color, pop-out painting with a flat, black & white line drawing--there is that much difference. Why the hell didn't MCA do it right 4 years ago? They had all the materials at their disposal--they could have used the original master tapes instead of poorer quality second generation copies; they could have hired Eddie Kramer to make them sound good, like he did with the vinyl albums the first time; and they spent so much bloody money on those extensive new liner notes that the least they could have done was keep the original cover art! Nope, MCA fucked up big time, and only Jimi's dad, Al Hendrix, could set things right when he gained control of all of Jimi's recordings in a nice big settlement last year. Walk--nay, run to your nearest record store and support the new family-controlled Hendrix estate by collecting every CD you can find under the new Experience Hendrix label. The above four are only the tip of the iceberg. Long Live Jimi Hendrix!

Episode #114: Gimme All Ya Got
First Broadcast: 5/5/97.
Yeah, once again I'm preoccupied with the battle over rent control in New York State, and Joe Bruno's efforts to completely demolish it. An article in the Daily News set me off this time, about a landlord on Manhattan's Upper West Side who tried to increase a tenant's rent from $915.75 a month to $4000.00 a month for a one-year lease, and $5000.00 for a two-year lease! Only a 337% increase, that's all. Is this what all us tenants might face on June 15, when every rent regulation in New York State is scheduled to expire? If that's the case, you might be looking at one more ex-New-Yorker-to-be when my lease runs out, damn it.

Episode #115: Rosebud
First Attempted Broadcast: 5/12/97. First two minutes not broadcast; episode cut off before end. Beginning and end credits cut off.
First Successful Broadcast: 5/19/97. Repeated: 12/29/97
Yeah, MNN may have a new headquarters, but that didn't stop them from screwing up our broadcast once again. This time "Deck #6" failed on them, causing our tape not to start when it was cued. So, we tried once again the week after, so that everyone could enjoy the full meaning of "Rosebud." Or something . . .

Episode #116: I'm A Tenant And I Vote
First Broadcast: 5/26/97.
Bruno. Pataki (and why Bruno's acting as Pataki's shill). Silver. Giuliani. Tenants. Rent. Tim McVeigh. (Not that I completely believe the Tim McVeigh theory, but it's certainly worth a look.) What more do you want?

Episode #117: In Praise Of Korean Delis
First Broadcast: 6/9/97.
This I week I take a break from the rent debate and discuss stuff I remember from summer camp, as well as my love for Korean Delis. I must say, I like the Korean Delis a whole lot more than I ever liked summer camp, even though camp gave me more stories to tell. Guess it all depends on what you're looking for.

Episode #118: We're Locked In A War
First Broadcast: 6/16/97. Repeated: 6/29/98.
Yes, we are (were? still are? who knows?)--locked in a war against Joe Bruno, who let all the rent laws expire in New York State at Midnight on Sunday, June 15 (less than 3 hours before our episode aired) because he made a vow to deregulate every apartment in the state (and, by default, New York City) one way or another. Sheldon Silver, on the other hand, wants to make rent laws permanent in New York State--a sensible plan, since the vacancy rate in New York City has been 4% or less (anything under 5% meets the definition of a housing emergency under federal regulations) ever since the City started taking statistics on it. What do people on the street think? Well, we wanted to know too, so we took our camera to Tompkins Square Park and asked a bunch of residents what their opinions were of the whole situation. We also gave a big plug to Tenant Net, which is the best resource one could ever have to fight Bruno, Pataki, and all the greedy landlords they represent. Am I biased? Duh! You had to ask?

Episode #119: Three-Way Orgy Of A Handshake
First Broadcast: 6/23/97.
Yes, it's true. On June 20, 1997, Governor George Pataki of the State of New York (which, for some reason, seems to have a great deal of control over New York--Goddess only knows why) made it official and signed into law new rent regulations that will remain in effect until 2003, when this whole debate will probably erupt into another giant mess one more time. Can't wait. Anyway, during that 4-day gap when there were no rent laws on the books, we taped this episode, reflecting my thoughts on the whole situation, which were about as amorphous as the laws themselves at that point.

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