2nd Quarter 1996
Episodes 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86

Episode #78: Right, Bonzo?
First Broadcast: 4/8/96
The topics ranged from Ron Brown's plane crash to Ronald Reagan's movie career, (can't ever forget "Bedtime For Bonzo," you know) to a fictional Twilight Zone episode starring the 41st President. By the way, here's an episode guide to the Twilight Zone if you want it--but be careful! It's 69K! Other movie info can be found at the Internet Movie Database, which has a constantly-growing guide to almost every movie ever made (though, they didn't have Mothlight (1963, Stan Brakhage) when I went to look it up, so they still have some work to do.

Episode #79: The Better Business Banquet
First Broadcast: 4/22/96
I mentioned some of the difficulties I had with my bad hard drive, and how I found out that the company who sold it to me (Micromax--which sucks!) is now bankrupt! I got a lot of help from the Better Business Bureau of Virginia Beach, and I also found a web site for the national BBB that's informative as well. It's not linked to all the local BBB's yet, but it's a start. ConsumerWorld also has some interesting links.

Episode #80: Shelling The Capitol Building
First Broadcast: 4/29/96
Well, at least that's what the title was supposed to say. Kim apologizes for the gremlins that invaded the chyron this week. For more info on the latest in Chechnya, and other places around the world, visit The Nando Times Global section, or CNN (which is where I got the map I used for this episode. Yeah, I know I've probably said a few things about CNN here and there, but they are good for some things. After all, they were the first ones who had the cameras on the shelling of the Russian Parliament in the first place . . .

Episode #81: Bypass Corporate Media
First Broadcast: 5/6/96. Repeated: 10/7/96, 12/6/99
. . . Which is exactly what me & Kim did when we covered the Annual MAY DAY Concert in Tompkins Square Park. We ran into our favorite editor of The Shadow, the local Anarchist newspaper; and we also got some info on the Legalize Marijuana March on Fifth Avenue which occured a few days later. It was a nice day to get outside, to say the least.

Episode #82: A Piece of the Action
First Broadcast: 5/20/96. Repeated: 10/14/96, 6/30/97
--which is, by the way, the only Free New York Episode that has the same title as an episode of Star Trek. I guess it was bound to happen sometime. :) This week, I asked people on the street what they thought about human rights abuses in China, and President Clinton's misguided China policy, re: China's Most Favored Nation Trading Status. Wanna get involved? Georgia Tech has a kick-ass Amnesty International web page that has lots of links to human rights organizations, and such.

Episode #83: Move It Over, Ho-Dad
First Broadcast: 5/27/96 Repeated: 9/29/97
In case you couldn't tell by the soundtrack, our show this week was dedicated to surfing, both musically and on the web. For more surf music info, check out this site for the exact definition, or Phil Dirt's home page for more about surf music than you ever wanted to know. This store sells surf music and other surf stuff over the 'net (as if you couldn't find it in Manhattan!). I've never bought anything from them, so I can't recommend them or anything, but they have free .WAV samples you can download, so it's worth a look. They also have other surf links for those who actually own a board. As far as web-surfing goes, there's always Yahoo! --have they been around forever yet? Lycos is a pretty good search engine as well, and so is Excite, this relatively new search which worked ok when I tried it out. There's probably 20 more engines I overlooked; you can find most of them here. Enjoy!

Episode #84: A Xerox of a Xerox of a Xerox:
First Broadcast: 6/10/96
A slightly rambling rant on Clinton's new $1500 scholarship idea, which devolved into a dissection of that mute marine Ollie North's politics.

Episode #85: Last Best Hope For Democracy
First Broadcast: 6/17/96
We celebrated the 3-0 decision which overturning of the so-called "Communications Decency Act" by joining a rally which was held at the offices of bway.net a local Internet Service Provider. The rally was sponsored by Voters Telecom Watch, and also included speakers from Representative Jerrold Nadler's office, authors of "Sex, Laws, and Cyberspace," Echo (another local ISP), and Panix (yet another local ISP). A special APOLOGY to Echo, because we showed the wrong web site for them in this episode. This will be corrected the next time we show it. Again, we apologize. (Hey, even we're not perfect; at least we admit it.)

Episode #86: A T-Shirt and A Rolex
First Broadcast: 6/24/96
A debate over Time magazine's choices for the most "influential" people in the United States today. As you can expect, I had more than a few problems with their selection.

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