1st Quarter 1996
Episodes 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77

Episode #71: Jack Ruby's Dog
First Broadcast: 1/15/96
I'm not sure how it happened, but I seemed to dwell on the JFK Assassination this week. Check out the link for all sorts of conspiratorial info, or visit alt.conspiracy.jfk for hints on how to start a flame war.

Episode #72: Welcome to the Land of Tomorrow
First Broadcast: 1/22/96
I know I spent most of the show talking about high rents in New York, but I'm sure I mentioned Noam Chomsky at some point. Visit the Z-Net web site for other Chomsky-like material as well. Hell, visit the Zapatista web page while you're at it! VIVA ZAPATA!

Episode #73: But I Digress . . .
First Broadcast: 1/29/96
I originally planned to discuss the State of the Union Address, but I somehow managed to avoid that. Visit the White House for all sorts of related info, if you choose. Visit Jerry Brown's web site for info on a more qualified candidate for President . . .

Episode #74: It's So Friggin' Vague: Or: Not Episode 75
First attempted broadcast: 2/12/96 -- completely different program (Spanish basketball) broadcast instead. First successful broadcast: 2/19/96. Repeated: 2/24/96
This was supposed to run the week before it finally did, but MNN screwed things up and ran Spanish basketball instead of us. Go figure... I thought this episode re: the internet would make a perfect 75th anniversary topic, but whoops, turns out it was episode 74 after all. Oh well. Look here for the reason why I'm making all this fuss.

Episode #75: It's Either Me Or The Nazi
First broadcast: 2/26/96
More commentary on the 1996 Presidential campaigns. Campaign '96 On-Line has some decent links to those and other campaigns, including one with info on the Ralph Nader for President campaign on the Green Party ballot. Hey, there's even a Green Party in New York State! That's pretty cool, huh?

Episode #76: Hell Freezes Over
First Broadcast: 3/11/96 Repeated: 10/25/99
This was a fun show for me to watch, and even more fun for Kim to edit--I hope. :) It compared the ever-idiotic Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan to a certain German politician of the 1930's. Working Assets is dedicated to fighting just this sort of right-wing stupidity in the government and elsewhere. They're definitely worth a visit.

Episode #77: Flying Buttresses
First Broadcast: 3/18/96
This episode centered on Mayor Giuliani and the NYPD's latest efforts to stop truancy in New York City's Public Schools. For a look at what my old high school--Stuyvesant-- is up to now, click here for the text-only page, or click here for the Netscape page. I haven't found a link to the New York City Board of Education yet (though considering how inefficient they are, I wonder if they even have one), but when I do, you'll be the second to know it.

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