1st Quarter 1995
Episodes 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43

Episode #36: I Know What Boys Like a.k.a. "Mondo Squirrelo: The Show of Life, Beauty, Pigeons, and Squirrels."
First Broadcast: 1/9/95 Repeated: 8/14/95
A sort-of spoof about another long-running cable show, whose name we won't mention for fear of prosecution.

Episode #37: American Civilization is a Subscription Which Has Run Out
First Broadcast: 1/23/95 Repeated: 11/27/95
More dumb statements from the Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich.

Episode #38: Coalitions Of Militant Dolphins
First Broadcast: 1/30/95 A deconstruction of some rather stupid remarks made by House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Episode #39: 9 Billion Dollars Could Buy Every Peso In Circulation
First Broadcast: 2/13/95
Ruminations on a comment Ross Perot made during his testimony to a congressional commitee regarding the U.S. "bailout" of the Mexican economy.

Episode #40: Killing People Saves Lives
First Broadcast: 2/20/95 Repeated: 8/7/95
Thoughts on the new death penalty in New York State, and why it sucks.

Episode #41: Because We've Heard No Scandal About Her
First Broadcast: 3/6/95
Do you like old industrial films? Wanna see some of Kim's projects from before she hooked up with Free New York? This one's for you.

Episode #42: Shut This City Down
First Broadcast: 3/13/95 Repeated: 10/2/95
An edited chronicle of the rally at Cooper Union on March 4, 1995 to defeat the "Contract With America." Featuring lawyer William Kunstler and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, among others.

Episode #43: Passive Anarchy Hour
First Broadcast: 3/27/95
*Sigh* I remember the days when "Dragnet" was on USA at 3 AM every night, and a few other things . . .

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