1st Quarter 1994
Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Episode #1: Where the Water Runs North
First Broadcast: 1/3/94. Repeated: 1/10/94, 6/20/94.
The episode has since been remastered with additional music and corrected phone numbers for the White House and the Capitol Building. Remaster - First Broadcast: 9/26/94 Repeated: 1/1/96

Episode #2: The Lord in the Eye of the Lotus
First Broadcast: 1/17/94. Repeated: 3/14/94, 1/3/00.
This is so old, I don't even remember what it's about. The only parts I recall involve the Rainbow Gathering, hinduism, and possibly marijuana . . . you know, so typically 90's . . .

Episode #3: There's Roaches . . . There's Rodents
First Broadcast: 1/24/94. Repeated: 5/30/94, 1/6/97, 8/10/98
This was one of the first events we ever videotaped for Free New York --even before Free New York existed as a show! On August 7, 1993, we hiked over to Tompkins Square Park and got a glimpse of the festivities which commemerated the 5th Anniversary of the 1988 Police Riot there. Among other things, this was our first encounter with Chris Flash, the editor of The Shadow, one of our favorite anarchist newspapers. Some of the other highlights include a theory on drug trafficking by the CIA, and some opinions on AIDS. A short show, but one we like, nonetheless.

Episode #4: You're Still Pink To Bob (a.k.a. The Last Unheard part I)
First Broadcast: 1/31/94
First in a 3-part series documenting the last broadcast I made at WNYU-FM on January 20, 1994.

Episode #5: I Think We Frightened Her (a.k.a. The Last Unheard part II)
First Broadcast: 2/7/94
Second in a 3-part series documenting the last broadcast I made at WNYU-FM on January 20, 1994.

Episode #6: Without Chris F. it's Bullshit (a.k.a. The Last Unheard part III)
First attempted broadcast: 2/14/94 -- picture degenerates into snow during broadcast. Second attempted broadcast: 2/21/94 -- not shown due to control track breaks. Episode was dubbed to a new videotape and resubmitted. First successful broadcast: 2/28/94.
Third in a 3-part series documenting the last broadcast I made at WNYU-FM on January 20, 1994. Yeah, I know: the title sounds a little arrogant now, but I thought it sounded cool at the time, and it summed up how I was feeling about the whole thing. Ah well; it's all in the past now.

Episode #7: Mortal Kombat -- The Book.
First Broadcast: 3/7/94 Repeated: 4/4/94, 9/4/95, 1/5/98
A visit to the American Museum of the Moving Image in Queens and their (once temporary and now permanent) exhibit on video arcade games. Sorry about the video noise at the beginning of the broadcast; I guess that was a problem that couldn't be helped.

Episode #8: Anarchists Don't Celebrate Holidays
First Broadcast: 3/21/94 Repeated: 3/20/95, 3/25/96, 3/20/00 (MNN started our program 1 minute early, showing our color bars and playing their audio tone before the beginning of the show. Surprisingly, the end wasn't cut off and the episode was still shown intact.), 3/19/01 (Episode began at about 1:59:20 AM), 3/25/02 (Opening animation cut off) (DV)
Our celebration of spring, complete with typos.

Episode #9: . . . With Mixed Vegetables
First Broadcast: 3/28/94 Repeated: 5/16/94, 2/5/96, 3/31/97
Where we ask people that burning question: "What's your favorite conspiracy?" as well as what their least favorite corporation is. Exxon got mentioned at least once. So did the ever mysterious Bechtel. Any other nominations? Of course, the person who had the best answers was Chris Flash, our favorite editor of The Shadow, but that's a given, isn't it?

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