1st Quarter 2001
Episodes 234, 235, 236, 237, 238, 239, 240, 241, 242.

Episode #234: A Free New York Odyssey
First Broadcast: 1/1/01 Episode started 30 seconds early, cutting off our opening animation and our "Free New York" title.
The obvious reference being to 2001, the amazing film made by Stanley Kubrick and released in 1968--not to mention the novel by Arthur C. Clarke published in the same year. While the moon base and orbiting colonies may not be here, all the other technology seems to be about where those two men predicted. So, I enthusiastically encourage you to see the movie (again) and read the book (again), and keep this in mind: if the astronauts aboard the Discovery--namely David Bowman, the man who ultimately completes the journey--are in their early 30's around the year 2001, around what year were they born? That's right, around 1968-1970, thereabouts. In other words: it's us, the members of that so-called generation I dare not name, one of whom goes on to receive the ultimate knowledge of the universe. Not bad for a bunch of slackers, huh? Oh, and yes: Jump The Shark!

Episode #235: You Can't Fall In Space
First Broadcast: 1/8/01 Episode started at 1:59 AM, with countdown at 2. Episode also ended early at 2:28 AM.
Well, you can't. Not unless you're pushed, anyway. Something maybe the creators of Space Mutts should have thought about, but you know; that was back in the days when cartoons and many other shows realllly sucked. Of course, here in the future, plenty of other shows still suck, but that's neither here nor there. Perhaps more speed-of-light weirdness will keep me occupied for the rest of the year.

Episode #236: Space Fungus
First Broadcast: 1/15/01 Episode began at the right point (with our opening animation at the top) but started at 1:59 AM. Despite this, the episode was still cut off before our end animation, and ended early at 2:28 AM.
Oh, you don't know about the fungus on the Mir space station? Maybe I shouldn't have brought it up. The way certain networks cut up and shorten TV programs is much more interesting. So are old video games. Anything but... him!!!

Episode #237: Straight To Hell Again
First Broadcast: 1/22/01 Transmission started at shortly after 1:59 AM, with the picture frozen on what looked like our first frame of animation. Picture remained frozen this way for one minute, until shortly after 2:00 AM, when it was replaced by a MNN still graphic. The graphic remained on screen until 2:02 AM, when it was replaced by some unknown program for a few seconds, then switched to our program in progress, with our episode title on the screen. This means, of course, our program title and the majority of our opening animation were cut off yet again. Episode ended late at thirty seconds past 2:30 AM, and part of our end credits were still cut off!

The title is where we're headed once more, thanks to the new king--er, I mean President--in Washington. Can it get any worse? Probably.

Episode #238: Run For Your Lives
First Broadcast: 1/29/01 Episode did not start until 2:03:30 AM, and cut off our opening animation. Episode ended at 2:32:30 AM.
Now that the Shrub is in office, all bets are off. Batten down the hatches, secure your personal belongings, and keep the guard dogs posted at the door. Anything can happen now that the government has been stolen from the people who allegedly elect it.

Episode #239: We Think This Is A Bad Idea
First Broadcast: 2/5/01 Episode started at 2:00 AM, but started 4 minutes in progress, cutting off all our opening animation and all our opening credits.
Of course we mean Bush, Ashcroft, Norton, Thompson, the whole deal. Bad from start to finish. I can't believe I'm going to have to put up with this junk for four damn years...

Episode #240: Two Fishmatoes, Please
First Broadcast: 2/12/01 Episode began at about 20 seconds past 1:59 AM, cutting off our opening animation.
The Fishmato is the term coined by Kim to describe a genetically-altered tomato that contains fish genes--two things which were just never meant to be combined at that level. Also discussed: Monsanto, their Roundup herbicide, and how it's being used to defoliate large portions of Columbia, with assistance from the U.S. Army. Pleasant topics, huh?

Episode #241: What's All The Fuss About
First Broadcast: 2/19/01 Episode started at 1:59 AM, cutting off our opening animation.
Yes, Napster! Lots of mp3's! Get 'em while you can! Oh, and Bush is an asshole for bombing Iraq; and Giuliani is an asshole for denouncing the Brooklyn Museum of Art--AGAIN. One more question: Why do some congressmembers want to make it legal to assassinate people?

Episode #242: Everything But A Heart Attack
First Broadcast: 3/12/01 Episode began at about 20 seconds past 1:59 AM, with volume reduced by about 3-5 VU. Episode ended early during end animation, cutting off our last sentence at 2:28 AM.
Referring, of course, to the current occupant of the vice president's chair, Dick Cheney, who seemed to have everything but a heart attack when he was hospitalized last week. The conversation didn't stay there, moving on to the stolen election, the CIA, and the most recent batch of school shootings in this country. Fun for all ages.

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