My Response To The Spammers' Threats

Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 02:18:05
From: Christopher Flaherty <>
Subject: Re: Cease And Desist Flaming

I would like all the postmasters involved to take a good look at the headers and the content of all the messages I have enclosed in my attachments--and especially within the message immediately below. The sender of that message insists that they have a legal right to spam, saying that "spamming is a protected activity under the laws of free speech," which no doubt contradicts the user agreements of every single domain which I am addressing.

Apparently, I am being accused of "inflammatory internet hacking, telephone hacking, flaming, jamming, and other illegal activities," when all I have done is reply to unsolicited spam which I did not ask to receive in my mailbox. I am being accused of "internet terrorism," when all I did was tell the alleged senders how much I despised receiving their unsolicited mail in the first place.

For the record, I have not engaged in any of the above "illegal activities" or so-called "internet terrorism" of which I am accused. All I have done is reply to unsolicited email, which the Supreme Court has recently affirmed that I have every right to do, according to the First Amendment. In contrast, however, there are at least 3 bills being considered by Congress which would create harsh penalties for unsolicited commercial email--a.k.a. spam. Perhaps the sender of the email below should be more concerned with that than with threatening legal action.

In addition, I also suspect that the email below is forged, since the "Return-Path," "Reply-To," and "Authenticated Sender" addresses are all different ("Return-Path: "; "Reply-To:"; "Comments: Authenticated sender is "), and the "To:" line is an obviously fake address ("To:"), indicating that this was just a bulk mailing, and not a specific warning to me personally. I should think that a genuine lawyer would not go through so much trouble to forge their headers. Instead, I believe this is an attempt to get people like me--people who have complained about spam in the past--to stop complaining about spam in the future, with the threat of legal action to make it seem more authentic. This, and the original spam, I think, is the real internet terrorism.

I invite all the postmasters to carefully investigate my attached email and the sender of the "Cease And Desist" notice. I don't like being threatened, and I'm sure all the ISP's involved (as well as Samsung) don't like their names being dragged through the mud.

Attached are 2 .txt files, each documenting the correspondances which resulted from my receipt of unsolicited email which was traced back to in some form.

Thank you for your attention,

Christopher Flaherty

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