4th Quarter 2017
Episode 776, 777, 778

Note: The first episode shown during the Fourth Quarter 2017 was a rerun of #765 on September 18, 2017.

Episode #776: All Power's Out
First Broadcast: 9/25/17
If you don't already know, Hurricane Maria knocked out all of the power in Puerto Rico--a U.S. territory with a larger population than the state of Iowa--and the government there estimates that the whole island might be without electricity for "four to six months." Can you imagine anyone announcing that one of the 50 states would be without electricity for half a year? It's appalling and ridiculous, and the American citizens there deserve better assistance than that. Of course, considering how President Trump seems to spend more time making ridiculous speeches that violate the law, and considering that his party loves to waste time making sure no one has affordable health care, we better not hold our collective breath.

Episode #777: Who the Hell Knows
First Broadcast: 10/9/17
Another day, another mass shooting in the United States, this time in Las Vegas, where one man--Stephen Paddock--murdered 58 people and wounded over 500 more by shooting them with modified weapons from his 32nd floor suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel, about 400 yards away. Why was he allowed to own weapons better than the ones used by our military? Did anyone notice that it was an unarmed, unionized, Latino security guard who located the shooter (and was wounded by the shooter in the process)? Why was the Las Vegas P.D. reluctant to describe the shooter as a terrorist, even though this event appeared to meet Nevada's definition of an act of terrorism? Would the shooter have been described as a "lone wolf" if he wasn't a white man? Will any sensible changes to gun laws happen as a result? These are good questions.

Episode #778: Is It The Chocolate Bunnies?
First Broadcast: 10/16/17
According to anonymous sources, Donald Trump hates everyone in the White House! The Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, allegedly called Trump a "moron" (or "fucking moron") after Trump said he wanted a 1000% increase in our nuclear weapons arsenal, which would violate pretty much every arms control agreement the U.S. has made since the 1970s! Trump responded by implying that, between himself and Tillerson, Tillerson would be the dumbest person in the room! Trump denied any truth to a report alledging that Chief of Staff John Kelly was about to be fired--even though no report of the kind appeared to exist! And a great deal of the federal government remains severely understaffed! Will Trump's staff try to tackle him if he reaches for the nuclear launch codes? Are we slowly marching towards a catastrophic war with North Korea? Too much to think about!

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