3rd Quarter 2022
Episode 928, 929

Episode #928: Bad All Around
First Broadcast: 6/20/22
Did you catch that mini heat wave on Friday? Be thankful that it wasn't as hot here in New York as it was out West a few days earlier, when the temperature in Phoenix, Arizona, reached over 110° F during the day and was as hot as 90° F overnight. As the average temperature of the Earth continues to increase, heat waves like this will only become more and more common, which is bad for crops, the ocean, and people in general, no matter what a certain idiotic Congressmember has to say about it. Will anyone in the federal government do anything to counteract this trend while we still have time to act? Am I focusing on this to distract myself from all the evidence being revealed about the attempted coup on January 6, 2021? Or the oncoming rent hikes for rent stabilized apartments? Who knows anymore!

Episode #929: Unforced Error
First Broadcast: 6/27/22
Nothing like the largest rent hikes in 8 years to hammer home how bad inflation is now! Between that, the January 6 Committee hearings, the continued insanity of the "former guy," and the constant threats of mass shootings, creeping fascism, and climate change making the Earth inhospitable to humanity, is it any wonder that America's youth think they don't have much of a future in store for them? Noam Chomsky once referred to humanity as "biology's only experiment with higher intelligence." Are we getting to the point where no one will be around to remember that? I hope not!

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