2nd Quarter 2020
Episode 856

Episode #856: Their Dear Leader
First Broadcast: 3/23/20
A tired Chris F. and a slightly less-tired Kim bring you this episode from the newest epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic: New York, New York. To give you an idea how fast this virus has spread, on the day we recorded, March 18, there were 1871 confirmed coronavirus cases in New York City, 2382 cases in New York State, 9259 cases in the United States, and 218,822 cases worldwide. On the day that I'm writing this sentence, March 22, there are now 9654 confirmed cases in New York City, 15,168 cases in New York State, 33,346 cases in the United States, and 336,075 cases worldwide, representing increases of 415%, 536%, 260%, and 53%, respectively. The Dow Jones index has plunged more than 10,000 points since the middle of February, losing over 35% of its value and wiping out all the gains that had been made since Trump's inauguration; New York State is now basically on lockdown in all but name; and Governor Cuomo has shown himself to be much more capable of running government than the doofus who's currently in the White House. What do we do now, in this new world where we all have to stay as socially distant as possible for the immediate future, eliminating almost every activity that people do for work and leisure? Stay home, wash your hands, and flatten the curve, I guess. We'll see how stir crazy this makes us as we go...

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