1st Quarter 2022
Episode 912, 913

Note: The first episode shown during the First Quarter 2022 was a rerun of #335 on December 20, 2021.

Episode #912: Equally Fresh
First Attempted Broadcast: 12/27/21 Program not shown. Episode #335 was rerun by MNN instead.
First Successful Broadcast: 1/10/22
Do people still have sound effects apps on their phones? Or lighter apps? How old is "Jingle Bells"? Do recordings of the New York City Homecoming Concerts exist? Have you seen that Beatles documentary by Peter Jackson? Do you also look up the sources of samples on WhoSampled.com, especially after watching reaction videos? It's easier than trying to read labels over a DJ's shoulder. It's a pretty good way to discover the roots of modern music, especially since more music is available for people to listen to now than at any previous point in human history (although that doesn't seem to prevent artists from getting screwed by Spotify and other streaming services). Kind of a DIY music appreciation course, if you will--which younger people could always use more of, since they've traditionally had a reputation for not knowing much about older music. It's also a boon to nostalgic music-lovers out there, or anyone with a wide amount of musical tastes. What else could explain the popularity of decades-old loops of in-store Kmart music? Oh, by the way: Get boosted already, so you can stand a chance against omicron! Thank you!

Episode #913: Don't Expect 2001
First Attempted Broadcast: 1/3/22 Program not shown. Episode #335 was rerun by MNN instead.
Leonard Nimoy was a very good actor, and also a functioning alcoholic, back in the day. Check out his appearances on "Mission Impossible," if you can (well, maybe not this one). I got Luise Rainer in The Good Earth confused with Katharine Hepburn in Dragon Seed, when I was looking for other examples of white people playing Asian roles in motion pictures--sorry about that! Did you see Spider-Man: No Way Home? It's one of the few films that people were willing to see in the theater during the pandemic--not an easy feat when so much streaming material is available! Are you holding it together? Has the subway gotten crazier lately? Have you gone down a ? Do you think the Matrix is real? Are we living in a simulation? Did you sing anything to welcome in the New Year? Let's all hope 2022 is at least a teeny bit better than the last two years! We all need a break!

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