1st Quarter 2018
Episode 784, 785, 786

Note: The first episodes shown during the First Quarter 2018 were reruns of #769 on December 18, 2017, #335 on December 25, 2017.

Episode #784: You Can't Get Out
First Broadcast: 1/1/18
Happy Bone-Chilling New Year! While President (for now) Trump spends a third of his term golfing or otherwise on vacation, the rest of us prepare for the side effects of the smash-and-grab tax plan that he and the Republicans recently passed into law. Can we fix this shit in 2018? Oh, I'm hoping we can! Assuming we're all still here, that is...

Episode #785: A Little More Extra
First Broadcast: 1/8/18
First "thundersnow," now "bomb cyclone"; as if this winter hasn't been harsh enough. Will any of this make Republicans more likely to do something to forestall anthropogenic climate change? Probably not. Will any of this distract from Michael Wolff's book about how everyone in the White House allegedly thinks Trump is incompetent? Probably not. May it be warmer next week!

Episode #786: Art House
First Broadcast: 1/15/18
Tonight, we lament the imminent loss of the Landmark Sunshine Cinema, a comfortable "indie" movie theater that occupied the middle ground in between the sophisticated theaters like the Metrograph and the Quad, targeted art houses like the Cinema Village, the IFC Center, and the Film Forum, full service theaters like the Alamo Drafthouse, and everyday theaters like the Regal Union Square and the AMC (née Loews) Village 7. Coming at the same time as the impending loss of the Lincoln Plaza Cinema, it's not the best news for Manhattan cinephiles, but at least the existence of so many other theaters should provide some small comfort. It begs the question: Is the demise of this middle class theater related to the demise of what I'd consider middle class restaurants like the NoHo Star and 7A? Is it all symptomatic of the demise of the middle class in general? It makes you think, that's for sure.

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