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Episode #842: Who's Dying This Week
First Broadcast: 10/14/19
A week ago, after President Trump had a single phone call with President Erdogan of Turkey, the White House issued a statement that claimed the Islamic State was "defeated," and that U.S. troops were being removed from "the immediate area" of Kurdish territory in Northern Syria, allowing Turkey to be "moving forward with its long-planned operation" into that same area. This, despite the fact that these were the same Kurds who fought alongside U.S. troops to defeat the Islamic State in the first place (losing 11,000 Kurdish soldiers in the process), while simultaneously fighting off the dictatorship of the Assad government that currently rules most of Syria, while also establishing one of the most equitable governments in the Middle East for women. Needless to say, as soon as the American troops left the Kurdish area, Turkey began bombing the towns there, killing civilians, executing Kurdish leaders, enabling Islamic State captives to escape Kurdish prisons, and firing shells uncomfortably close to the American troops' current positions. In other words, Trump's decision to remove American troops and leave the Kurds to fight off Turkey by themselves served as a green light for Turkey to invade Syria, notwithstanding Trump's later contradictory condemnation of the very invasion that he knew would happen in the first place. Will the Kurds ever trust America again, given that this is far from the first time the U.S. has screwed them? For that matter, how can any ally trust the United States from now on, if the U.S. is willing to discard any alliance whenever it's convenient? Can one really be against "endless wars" if one's actions start wars rather than stop them? Was this all because of Trump's self-confessed "conflict of interest" with regard to Turkey? Can we hurry up and impeach him already? The audio journey goes on!

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