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Episode #821: One Question Quiz
First Broadcast: 2/18/19
First, Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota makes the completely rational observation that AIPAC spends a lot of money to influence members of Congress, a fact that was somehow transubstantiated into an "anti-Semetic" remark by people who think any criticism of Israel is somehow anti-Jewish. Then, Representative Omar grilled Trump's special envoy to Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, about his commitment to promoting human rights and preventing genocide in Venzuela--both of which are topics worth discussing, since Abrams did his best to ignore both in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua during his tenure in the State Department of the Reagan administration. To all of the above, I say: It's about time someone spoke out about the United States' near unconditional support of Israel, as well as the United States' horrible track record of abuses in Central America. Salutations to Representative Omar for being brave enough to do so. By the way: Are you looking forward to the Senate vote on Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's outline for a Green New Deal as much as I am? I certainly hope so, as our audio odyssey continues!

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