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Episode #922: Speaking of War Crimes
First Broadcast: 4/11/22
Repeated: 5/16/22
The more time that passes, the more evidence accumulates of atrocities committed by Russian troops in Ukraine, such as the 400+ bodies of civilians recently found near Kyiv, or the bound bodies and burned-out homes in Bucha. President Biden has called these actions "war crimes," and has said Russian President Vladimir Putin should face a war crimes tribunal as a result. We here at Free New York heartily endorse this idea, which would probably have more teeth if the U.S. had signed on as a member of the International Criminal Court in the first place (and also hadn't passed a law requiring the U.S. to invade the Netherlands if any American soldier is ever on trial at the I.C.C. there). And, as long as we're putting world leaders on trial for war crimes, why not also try President George W. Bush for his illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq? And President Barack Obama for his drone assassination program that killed around 500 civilians, including 175 children? And President Donald Trump for his airstrikes in Syria that may have killed 6000 civilians? Or Syrian President Bashar Assad for his incalculable crimes against his own people? So, yes, definitely put Putin on trial, but trials like that shouldn't be limited only to those currently on the State Department's shit list.

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