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Episode #912: Equally Fresh
First Attempted Broadcast: 12/27/21 Program not shown. Episode #335 was rerun by MNN instead.
First Successful Broadcast: 1/10/22
Do people still have sound effects apps on their phones? Or lighter apps? How old is "Jingle Bells"? Do recordings of the New York City Homecoming Concerts exist? Have you seen that Beatles documentary by Peter Jackson? Do you also look up the sources of samples on, especially after watching reaction videos? It's easier than trying to read labels over a DJ's shoulder. It's a pretty good way to discover the roots of modern music, especially since more music is available for people to listen to now than at any previous point in human history (although that doesn't seem to prevent artists from getting screwed by Spotify and other streaming services). Kind of a DIY music appreciation course, if you will--which younger people could always use more of, since they've traditionally had a reputation for not knowing much about older music. It's also a boon to nostalgic music-lovers out there, or anyone with a wide amount of musical tastes. What else could explain the popularity of decades-old loops of in-store Kmart music? Oh, by the way: Get boosted already, so you can stand a chance against omicron! Thank you!

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So, what is Free New York anyway? The simple answer is that it's a this neat little public access TV show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network which I co-produce with the tremendous help of my camerawoman/editor/everything else, Kim. The complicated answer is that it's a project of mine to broadcast opinions and events which don't always appear within "the mainstream media" (like The New York Times, the major networks, local radio, etc.), and so far I think it's been working.

If you think I'm doing a good job--or not--and you feel like sending me snail mail, the address is:

Free New York
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You can also email me at, which should get to me a lot faster than the snail mail.

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